NRM Registrar Asks Court to Cancel Bukomansimbi North Results

The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) may fail to nominate a parliamentary candidate for Bukomansimbi North after its registrar in Bukomansimbi district, Pere Ssemanda, the has disputed the primary election results on which the NRM election disputes tribunal based to declare Ruth Katushabe the flag bearer.

On October 2, the tribunal overturned the election of Haji Iddi Lubyayi Kisiki as the NRM Bukomansimbi North NRM parliamentary flag bearer and handed the flag to the incumbent MP, Ruth Katushabe.

In its ruling, the tribunal said it had discovered a mismatch in the tallying of results that gave Lubyayi 8,130 votes against Katushabe’s 6,167 votes.  

Discontented with the tribunal’s decision, Lubyayi challenged the tribunal’s ruling at the High court in Masaka, seeking orders to block NRM from nominating Katushabe as its candidate for the 2021 parliamentary elections. 

The matter is before Justice Victoria Nakintu Katamba.

Lubyayi contends that the tribunal relied on doctored results from nonexistent villages to overturn his victory, adding that he was never given a fair hearing before the decision was taken.    

In his affidavit, Ssemanda contends that the villages of Kitemi, Kijulujulu, Nabigobe, Namaliga, Lugundo, Nnyanga, Mpaama, Katusabe, Kyakaayu and Kipeyu, whose results the respondent claims that were tallied after elections are not part of Bukomansimbi North constituency and cannot be located anywhere in their records.

He also notes that the contested villages only reflect results for Bukomansimbi North constituency but don’t feature in the Woman MP and local government primary elections.

Court also heard from the Bukomansimbi NRM Chairperson, Shafick Mwanje and his vice-chairperson, Harriet Nakalema, who also testified against Katushabe, whom they accused of misleading the party tribunal into making an erroneous decision.

Lubyayi wants court to quash the tribunal decision and declare him the winner of the primaries to pave way for his nomination. Katushabe asked court through her lawyer, Godfrey Kandeebe to allow them time to respond to the affidavits and prove their case on the irregularities that played out during the tallying of the results. 

She insisted that they have evidence on the existence of the said villages, arguing that the applicant based his petition on mere spelling errors.

Court instructed Katushabe’s team to file written submission before close of business on Wednesday to allow it to deliver a ruling on the matter before the parliamentary candidate’s nomination slated for Thursday and Friday this week.      


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