Trailer driver killed, body abandoned in cabin

Kiira region police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of 26-year-old Tadeo Ssemanda, a driver of trailer numbers UBD 061E and UBD 300A. 

Ssemanda was killed and his lifeless body was abandoned in his trailer cabin in Wairaka trading center in Jinja district along the Jinja-Iganga highway.  

The deceased trucker was heading to SK Sneh Uganda limited in Lubaga division, in Kampala city. His body was found with a sealed mouth, tied with ropes, and wrapped with bedsheets.

 The assailants are reported to have fled with 620 bags of cement and only abandoned the trailer as a cover-up for their crime. 

It is reported that Ssemanda left Tororo district at about 9:30 pm Saturday and made his first stopover in Bugiri municipality for seven minutes. 

He proceeded to the Namasoga trading center in the Iganga district, where he made another stopover for 2 hours and 14 minutes.  

He is later reported to have made his final stopover in Wairaka trading center, in the wee hours of Sunday morning at about 1:30 am where he is suspected to have been tracked down and killed.

 Ssemanda’s bosses led by the company managing director, Kaushal Sharma got concerned on Sunday night after noticing that a second driver, whom they sent to make deliveries arrived before him.  

Kaushal led a team of experts to track down the trailer using GPS, only to see the trailer abandoned in Wairaka. 

They contacted the regional scene of crime officer who searched the truck and found Ssemanda’s body in the cabin. 

Police took the body to Jinja regional referral hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem.  

Kiira regional police spokesperson, James Mubi, says that detectives have already documented the scene of crime and efforts of tracking down the suspects are underway.  


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