Treason charges await Bobi Wine, says Enanga

The opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) has dismissed claims of their leader Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) is planning to hold a parallel presidential swearing ceremony as a cheap trick by security operatives to steal money from President Museveni.

On Monday, the police said that they had credible information that Kyagulanyi was planning to hold a parallel swearing-in ceremony from the eastern Uganda district of Iganga.

Police spokesman, Fred Enanga warned that the former presidential candidate planned event would be treated as a treasonable case.  

“We have got information from our intelligence teams of one of the presidential candidates to hold a parallel swearing-in ceremony in a certain hotel in Iganga, but we want to remind him and his supporters that they will be arrested,” Enanga warned.

But the NUP spokesman and MP-elect for Nakawa West Joel Ssenyonyi says that profiteers from security organs are peddling the Kyagulanyi swearing hoax to scare Museveni into causing the release of operational funds which they would use for their own benefit.

Ssenyonyi described Enanga’s statement as a tired trick by security operatives to fleece the taxpayer of money meant for health and educational services, by creating scares that opposition is plotting illegal activities.

The police have however gone ahead to warn that any person, who participates, organizes or broadcasts a parallel swearing-in ceremony, will have committed treason.    

“Even if they swear themselves in, they remain symbolic without any accompanying entitlement and it is a waste of time; organisers of this parallel swearing-in ceremony should prepare themselves to face consequences because it is illegal and treasonous,” said Enanga.

Enanga urged the losers of the January 14 polls to practice mature politics by conceding defeat and respect the rule of law.  

Bobi Wine denounced the outcome of the January 14, 2021, elections which Museveni won with 58.3 percent of the vote  while Kyagulanyi, according to official results, scored 35.05 percent.

The musician turned politician, claims to have got 54.19 percent.

To stop his alleged parallel event, security forces on Thursday afternoon, deployed at Kyagulanyi’s residence at Magere in Wakiso district.

“My home is surrounded by the police and the military; soldiers are back to the streets; this is how-Museveni plans to swear himself in!” Kyagulanyi said in a tweet.  


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