Tumukunde to Muslims: Museveni has Deceived You Enough

Former Security minister, Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde has urged the Muslim community in the country to “wake up” and withdraw their support from President Yoweri Museveni’s National Resistance Movement (NRM) which he said has marginalized them.

While on his presidential campaign trail in Yumbe district on Friday, Tumukunde addressed a congregation of Muslims at Odopi mosque after the Friday prayers and reminded them of how they had been left out in major government-led interventions.

He has stated that the Muslims have been merely feeding on literature without services and it is high time they voted out the current regime.

Gen. Tumukunde told the congregation that he has a better understanding of the problems that affect the Muslim community having studied in Muslim founded schools at Kakoba in Mbarara and Kibuli in Kampala.

He accused the NRM government of using fear-mongering to ensure that the people of Yumbe support it by telling residents that without the NRM they will be attacked by South Sudan.

“You have been feeding on literature for 35 years but without schools and other social amenities…just things to talk about… guys come and put you in a corner [telling you that] if you don’t vote, you’ll be invaded by South Sudan. Who said that it is possible?” Tumukunde wondered

Tumukunde also wondered why the region, specifically the women, have been neglected and left to wallow in poverty with no hope of economic empowerment.


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