Two Police officers killed in Mityana

Two Police officers killed

Wamala Regional Police Spokesperson Rachel Kawala

Unknown assailants have killed two police officers attached to Busunju Police Station in Mityana District.
Corporal Alfred Oketch and Police Constable Moses Kigongo met their death at the hands of the assailants on Tuesday evening.
Police in Wamala Region; said that the deceased met their death while trying to rescue an unidentified thief from a mob.
Rachel Kawala, the Wanaka Region Police Spokesperson describes the murder of the police officers as unfortunate.
”It is alleged that there was a conspiracy to kill these officers. It is alleged that a person rushed to Busunju Police station informing the officers that there was a thief being lynched by people and he was calling for help from the police,” said Kawala.

She explained that the police officers went for a rescue mission but upon reaching a certain place, unknown people attacked them beheading one of the officers and shooting another using the gun, they had grabbed from his colleague.

Police has taken the deceased’s bodies to the morgue-pending postmortem.


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