Two traders arrested in Kasese for selling illegal fishing gear

District engineer arrested

UPDF officers attached to the Fish Protection Unit (FPU) have arrested two traders in Kasese town for involving themselves in selling illegal fishing gear. 

The two whose names have been concealed by authorities were found with a total of 1,530 under-size nets and 10,015 illegal hooks in their shops.  

According to Maj. Kenneth Katwesigye, the UPDF head of fisheries protection unit in Kasese they got intelligence information that there were shops dealing in illegal fishing gear in town. 

He added that they monitored the two outlets until they finally arrested the suspects.  

Maj. Katwesigye said the traders dealing in illegal fishing gear are still frustrating the fight against illegal fishing on major lakes across thr region.

 He added that they will now secure a court order to be allowed to destroy the items.

Erisania Bwambale, the Kasese district fisheries officer says illegal fishing can only tackled better through cooperating with the local communities. At a district level, he says they are doing sensitisation.

 Illegal fishing on Ugandan lakes has caused reduction in fish stocks, especially in species like tilapia, Nile perch and silver fish, and this has affected the country’s export earnings from fish.  

In January 2017, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni established FPU to crackdown on illegal fishing on the lakes, which is blamed for the dwindling fish stocks on Uganda’s water bodies


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