Uganda celebrates world data day

Uganda has joined the rest of the world to commemorate the United Nations World Data Forum day.

 The world data forum day is celebrated every 3rd of October.

Addressing members of the press on Monday at Sheraton hotel in Kampala, the executive director of Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) Dr. Chris Mukiza said, “ 80% of internet usage is social media.

He said data has to have integrity and without interference with anybody, adding that there is a need to strengthen data collection.

Furthermore, he added that there is a need to strengthening the administration, data monitoring, and performance in relation that data should be accessible to the public.

 “As UBOS we have 83 billion that is required to run the sector but with a deficit of 35 billion Ugandan shilling to operationalize the sector as Uganda targets the 2030 agenda at national and also meet the data demands to improve the ecosystem,” he said.

The chief statistician Chris Natalamukiza said the forum takes place after two years as data experts and users gather to spur data innovations as they mobilize high-level political and financial support for data and build a pathway for better data for sustainable development for national and international levels.

“At the national level our mainframe is the national driven plan and international level we have the SDGs, the Africa we want of 2063, the East African community, Vision 2050 and common market for east and central Africa statistical agenda in abid to build pathways to better data for international, regional and national setting,” he explained.


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