Uganda Detecting only 10% of COVID-19 Cases

Only 10 to 15  percent of COVID-19 infections are currently detected in the country according to the Ministry of Health.

A daily average of 4,000 samples are tested but health experts say this figure does not represent the actual number of infected persons in the country.

Data from the Health ministry shows that to date, over 600,000 cases of COVID-19 have been reported. Analysis by health experts shows that around 5.1 to 5.4 million cases have not detected.

Dr Monica Musenero, a senior presidential adviser on epidemics, says the figures being released by the health ministry are an indication of where infections are but not the number of people who are infected.

It is estimated that the disease has spread to 137 districts.

With the widespread infections, Musenero says that at least 20,000 tests should be carried out daily which has however become impossible due to a lack of funds.

She further says that due to the low number of detected infections, even the number of people succumbing to the disease might be higher than what is reported.

Dr Charles Olaro, the director of curative services at the health ministry, says they are not carrying out wide testing due to the expense associated with testing. He says they cannot trace contacts of alerts that present at health centres.

On Tuesday, Uganda recorded its highest cases of COVID-19 after 701 people tested positive for the disease. 

The cases were part of 5,578 samples that were tested. According to the Ministry of Health, the highest numbers of reported cases were from Kampala with 290 positives detected, followed by Wakiso with 74 cases. Most of the reported cases were from the Western part of the country. This brings the cumulative number of cases that have been reported in the country to 23,200.

One death was also recorded yesterday, bringing the number of reported deaths to 207.

Monday’s all-time high figure brings the number of reported cases last week to 2,165. This is the highest number of positive cases that the country has reported in a week to date.


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