Uganda is Capable of Defending Itself – Museveni

Museveni meeting NRM leaders in Kibaale on Friday

By Jafar Mugera

Ugandan president, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni continues to comb the oil-rich Bunyoro sub-region for support at next year’s presidential poll. Museveni, the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) presidential flag bearer is seeking to extend his tight grip on power to 40 years once he wins the January 14, 2021 elections.

On Friday, Museveni met his party’s leaders from Kibaale, Kagadi and Kakumiro districts whom he told that it is unlikely that Uganda can ask for a peacekeeping force from the United Nations (UN) in case of any security incidents.

 “Uganda is one of the few countries in Africa that can ably defend itself. Others have to turn to the United Nations for protection. How can you bring United Nations here as if we can’t defend ourselves,” Museveni said.

Uganda’s western neighbour, the mineral-rich Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has been dependent on the UN peacekeeping forces since the late 1990s the same as the northern neighbours – South Sudan which has had foreign forces for the past six years.

Museveni told the NRM leaders that the wise decisions he has made over the past years have enabled Uganda not only to attract foreign investors but also raise taxes to finance its own projects.

Speaking to youth leaders, he urged them to aim at being change agents in their communities so they can make a difference.

“I want to emphasize attitude change.  You, the literate people should help the illiterates in the villages to change their attitude towards wealth creation. Educate them on the four-acre model farming,” he said.

He also spoke against giving money to the population as an enticement to get voted into power saying it is a bad practice that could backfire in the future.

“The citizens should know that politics is for the benefit of everyone. They should know that they are co-fighters with us the leaders. It should be as if you are employing them to support you go into leadership. Don’t encourage giving money to voters,” he said.

On Saturday, Museveni is scheduled to commission road projects in Hoima before meeting the NRM party leaders.


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