Uganda Police fines 21, 615 traffic offenders

Uganda police fines

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The Police Directorate of Traffic and Road Safety has since December 01 issued 21,615 Express Penalty Scheme-EPS tickets to traffic offenders .

This as Police intensify operations on roads ahead of the festival season.

According to Police records, the 21,615 express penalty tickets were issued from 01st December, for various traffic offences across the country.

The offenses include speeding with 682 tickets, reckless driving with 3,528 tickets, vehicles and motorcycles in dangerous mechanical condition with 3,365 tickets, and driving without fastening safety belts with 1,180 tickets.

Other offences included invalid driving licences with 1,481 tickets, those without third-party insurance with 2,207 tickets.

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Faridah Nampiima, the traffic spokesperson said that they have heightened operations to curb indiscipline on the road especially during this festive season.

“ The tickets will increase because we continue with operations on reckless driving and other offences that are largely responsible for road carnage, we have increased motorized patrols (vehicles and motorcycles), and strengthened the Fika-Salama operations at our checkpoints within 24 hours/7 days,” Nampiima noted.

Nampiima says that they have already deployed enough personnel and increased checkpoints on highways and town roads to ensure all those flouting traffic laws are apprehended.

“Drinking is not bad, but drinking and driving are not allowed,” Napiima also warned. “We also want to ensure that only competent drivers are the ones on the roads. If you have never attended a driving school don’t drive a car on the road, otherwise, we shall not give you a ticket, but you will be arrested.”

Traffic police records of 2019, 2020 highlighted December and January as the months that registered the highest numbers of deaths resulting from traffic accidents from the increased movements of goods and persons, and increased volume of traffic on the roads as people headed to villages for the festival celebrations.


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