Uganda weightlifter returns home

Julius Ssekitoleko (2nd left) received by officials from foreign affairs courtesy photo


Julius Ssekitoleko, on Friday morning returned to the country from Japan aboard Qatar Airways. Ssekitoleko made news last week on Friday when he vanished from the Olympic village facilities in Izumisano City, Japan where the Ugandan Olympic team had pitched camp in preparation of the World Olympic Games that commence today.

Mr Ssekitoleko did not meet the set Olympic standards in the latest International rankings and consequently fled the Team Uganda camp during pre-Olympics training in western Japan last week.

He was subsequently tracked down in Mie Prefecture on Tuesday, in a joint operation between Japanese authorities and the Ugandan Embassy in Japan.

“His action unfortunately violated the Code of Conduct which each member of the team pledged to abide by. This was signed by the Uganda Olympic Council (UOC), Tokyo 2020 and National Council of Sports. Sections (13) and (15) under part 2 are particularly illustrative of what was expected. Not only had he committed to returning to Uganda but he had also pledged to honour the Country, his Team, and the Olympic Games,” a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reads.

Upon arrival at Entebbe International Airport at about 8am, was received by officials from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education and Sports.

“The Government of Uganda is committed to continous rehabilitation of the athlete to assist him settle to further develop his career but also help him understand, how such acts of misconduct can  not only affect him as an athlete but also other athletes in the sports sector and the nation at large,” the statement further concludes .


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