UNBS: 15 Sanitizers on the Market are Fake

Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) has warned that 15 of the hand sanitizer brands on the market are substandard and therefore, cannot effectively kill germs and the virus that causes COVID-19.

The standards body said in a notice on Thursday evening urged the public not to buy particular companies’ products.

“This is aimed at protecting consumers from buying sanitizers that do not comply with standards and harmful to their health, in the wake of COVID-19.”   

The companies whose sanitizers failed tests include Lovillea Gelly Cologne Hand Sanitizer; Blue++ King Hand Sanitizer – Aloe; Blue++ King Hand Sanitizer – Peach; Yoza Hand Sanitizer; Strawberry Alcohol-Based Instant Hand Sanitizer; Oh So Heavenly Crème Oil Hand Sanitizer. 

Others are Steinfect Instant Hand Sanitizer; Roxy Hand Sanitizer; Serene Instant Hand Sanitizer; Mimi Hand Sanitizer Gel; LaFresh Instant Hand Sanitizer; Quick Flash Instant hand sanitizer; Afro Royal instant hand sanitizer gel; Focus Instant hand sanitizer; Tuku instant hand sanitizer; and Cal Stat Plus instant hand sanitizer. 

The outbreak of the coronavirus increased the rush for hand sanitizers pushing the prices to unimaginable levels. This also led to an increase in producers of fakes. There are still lots of fake sanitizers on the market. Most of them failed on the alcohol content – a minimum of 60% – required to effectively kill the germs. 

UNBS also named those companies which have passed the tests and therefore their sanitizers can be used.

They are Saraya Manufacturing Uganda Limited; Geno-Hitech Uganda Limited; Dei Natural Products International Limited; Rene Industries Limited; Premier Distilleries Limited; Kenlon Industries Limited; Hoima Sugar Limited; Akhtabut Investments Limited; Armour Group Limited; Samaka Consults Uganda Limited; Sanit Hygiene – SMC Limited. 

Mid this month, the government announced it would offer a tax waiver to spirit makers that would convert their alcohol into hand sanitizers. Uganda has 45 confirmed cases of COVID-19. 


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