Unfilled Pledges Await Museveni in Acholi

NRM candidate, Yoweri Museveni

A long list of unfulfilled pledges awaits President Yoweri Museveni, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) presidential candidate as he takes his campaign trail to Acholi.

Museveni who is seeking to extend his hold onto power to 40 years is scheduled to meet NRM leaders in Gulu in the continuation of his strategy against holding campaign rallies.

Museveni is seeking to consolidate the gains he made in Acholiland in the 2011 elections when he flipped the region from the opposition.

But he is facing a big hurdle to retain and attract more support due to an ever growing list of unfulfilled pledges to the area.

Several voters and local leaders now want the President to be reminded about his promises he made to the Acholi or else he is denied victory.

While on his 2016 re-election campaign trail, Museveni promised give free sanitary pads to school girls to address the problem of the high school drop out rates.

Five years since he first made this promise, Museveni returns to Acholi with nothing to show of the sanitary pads.

According to Justus Tugume, a parliamentary candidate for Kilak North, some of Museveni’s unfulfilled pledges have been standing for decades. For instance, in 2013, the President pledged Shs 900 million to support the families of fallen soldiers of Front for National Salvation (FRONASA). The money was to be channelled through a savings and credit cooperative society  (SACCO) they had formed.

Museveni also promised education scholarships and a tractor to the same group but none of the promises has ever materialized.

George Obol Tim, a retired UPDF soldier whose father, Binansio Obol, a FRONASA fighter who was killed by Idi Amin’s Government in 1971 says the President pledged iron sheets and livestock to the families which have never been delivered.

Nighty Lalodi, the chairperson of Pupwonya Primary School management committee in Atiak sub-county, Amuru district recalls that President Museveni has not delivered his pledge to upgrade the school and build a dormitories for girls at the school.

In 2012, Museveni hosted about 240 Acholi youth leaders at his Rwakitura country home in Kiruhura district. To these, Museveni promised support to start a SACCO that he would facilitate with 70 motorcycles to support its operations.

He also promised them educational scholarships, oxen and ploughs, 40 iron sheets and 100 bags of cement for each of the youth leaders he hosted, and 21 motorcycles for the operations of the party youth leaders. However, the pledges are still pending eight years later.

Amuru Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Geoffrey Osborn Oceng,  explains that government has delivered in key priority areas but pledges are not a priority.


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