UPDF attack two ADF camps in Congo

The Uganda Peoples Defence Force (UPDF) on Sunday night launched another artillery strike hitting two Allied Democratic Force (ADF) camps.

Deputy UPDF Spokesperson Ronald Kakurungu said that the second offensive was launched from Bundingoma Primary School in Bundibugyo District.

Last month, the UPDF, in a joint operation with DRC forces, launched a series of strikes against the Allied Democratic Forces militants in neighboring Congo.

The operation was intended to drive the militants out of their bases. It came after a series of terror attacks in different parts of Uganda, all of which were blamed on the ADF.

According to Kakurungu, the Sunday strikes hit positions in the Erigenti Triangle that neighbor Kambi yayu, Belu 1, and Belu 2 that were hit on November 30.

Kakurungu told URN that UPDF is continuing to advance to two positions across River Semuliki from where they will launch mobile operations to track down the rebels.

According to Kakurungu, a total of six ADF camps have so far been hit since operation shujaa was launched last month.

He added that over 60 ADF rebels have so far surrendered to the FARDC forces.

Last week, the UPDF Engineering Brigade started opening impassable roads in the Eastern Democratic of Congo.

The road from Mukakati, where the UPDF has set up an operating base has been in an appalling state.

On Saturday, the UPDF and Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo-FARDC captured 34 ADF rebels and destroyed four camps.


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