UPDF, DRC forces engage communities in Congo

UPDF, DRC forces

Uganda People’s Defense Forces-UPDF troops together with FARDC have for the last two days been involved in community engagements to bridge the gap following the successful launch of ” Operation Shuja” in the Democratic Republic of Congo-DRC.

The air force and artillery power of the UPDF following the launch of the operation had a lot of devastating effects on the camps of the Islamic State-linked Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), according to a press statement from the army.

As result, both armies are deliberately offering medical outreach programs and constructing water point facilities to the civilian population in Mukakati, Kitibombo and Kamango. They have also promised to build a road from Beni to Mukakati Forward Operating Base, a launchpad to UPDF troops.

Speaking at one of the sensitization activities in North Kivu province, Col. James Kasule, the Operations Commander of the Task Force explained that the UPDF presence in DR Congo is hinged on the actions of ADF like the recent suicide twin bombings in Kampala and conscripting of youth into terror activities, which has destabilized peace and security in Uganda and DR Congo.

“Our core objective of coming to Congo is to help our brothers FARDC flush out ADF terrorists from their safe haven so that both countries can have peace,” he said. Col. Kasule called upon civilians to cooperate with the joint security forces by providing information leading to the elimination of wrong elements within communities.

He promised peace after uprooting ADF from their hideouts and urged locals to take the sick to the treatment centers. While the FARDC Regimental commander, Col David Omari expressed happiness in having the two armies come together to end the insurgency in the region.

He called for calm, saying “we need peace in both countries.” Kavita Mbalwako, 32, and other residents in North Kivu expressed their gratitude for UPDFs involvement in liberating DR Congo.

They explained how ADF had deprived them of their livelihood. Maj Peter Mugisa, the Spokesperson of Operation Shuja (Bravery), Maj Moses Byamukama, the Political Commissar of the operation, and Capt Andrew Tibeyalirwa, the 111 Brigade Intelligence Officer accompanied Col. Kasule to the community engagements


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