Voter seeks to overturn election of Ssekandi’s rival

Richard Ssebamala (foreground)

Martin Henry Bazzanya, a voter in Bukoto Central constituency, Masaka district has run to High Court seeking to overturn the victory of Richard Ssebamala who defeated the Vice President, Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi in the January 14 parliamentary elections.

Ssekandi (NRM), who has been Bukoto Central MP since 1996 garnered 4,902 votes against Ssebamala’s 9,916 votes. Ssebamala was the Democratic Party (DP) candidate in the race.

However, Bazzanya, who identifies himself as a builder and businessman, contends that Ssebamala was not validly elected. He argues that the MP-elect through his agents with his full knowledge and consent committed several illegalities and electoral offences during campaigns contrary to the provisions of the Parliamentary Elections Act.

The petitioner also argues that the Electoral Commission (EC) erred in nominating Ssebamala after failing to make due diligence on his nomination papers, specifically, the voter location slip, which he alleges was forged.

He argues that Ssebamala lied to the EC about his polling station when he erroneously placed himself at Luvunja Playground polling station in Kyesiiga Sub County yet in the actual sense, he is a voter at St. Modesta Primary School Bisanje, which is located in Kimanya-Kabonera division in Masaka city.

Bazzanya also accuses Ssebamala of indulging in acts of voter bribery throughout the campaign period hence manipulating the electorates to vote for him basing on rewards and gifts he gave them. He wants Masaka High court to overturn Ssebamala’s election and order the Electoral Commission to organize fresh polls in Bukoto Central Constituency.

One of Ssebamala’s former campaign agents, Moses Ssekindu described the allegations as baseless and fabrication by desperate politicians. He argues that the petitioner is an unknown in the constituency whose election results he is challenging.


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