Warriors raid 35 cows in Moroto district

Suspected Karamoja warriors have raided 35 cows from the kraal meant for protecting the goats donated by President Museveni in Lotisan Sub-county, Moroto District.

The kraal was this week relocated next to the army detachment for protection as cattle rustlers intensified their hunt for goats.

John Robert Adupa the LCIII Chairperson Lotisan sub-county, says that the warriors attacked the kraal in the night and people who were guarding the kraal fled to the Army detach that is about 100 meters away.
Adupa faulted the security personnel for not responding in time to the raid.

On Wednesday residents revealed that the warriors from Kotido warned them of possible attacks within the course of the week.

Emmanuel Moru says he knew they would attack but they were hopeful that the forces would repulse the warriors.
He noted that the attack was targeting the goats but when the warriors found cows also in the kraal, they stole the cattle.

Micheal Longole, the Mt. Moroto Regional Police Spokesperson said they banned the system of protected kraals because it would give the animal owners enough time to participate in cattle rustling.

Longole says that they have always advised people to take charge of their animals but they instead bring them closer to Army detachments and yet the security may not have time to protect them.

‘’We don’t protect kraals because this may give our people a chance to go and raid more because they know theirs are protected, and when they bring animals closer to our security units, the armed warriors come and take us by surprise’’ he said.

Longole noted that the army has come under attack from the community for the late response to the attacks.
He however said that it is difficult to fight back an armed warrior at night because they are well established in their group and security cannot easily face them off if not properly accessed.

On Saturday, the joint security forces and the local community started hunting for the animals which are believed to have to Kotido District.


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