We’re Losing Ground to the Opposition, NRM Mobilisers Tell Kadaga

The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party candidates in Busoga sub-region have warned that they risk suffering a humiliating defeat at next year’s elections should the party secretariat fail to facilitate them to counter their opposition rivals.

The NRM flagbearers claim that the opposition funding a smear campaign against them which they have failed to counter due to lack of campaign funds.  

They let out their frustrations during the launch of the NRM party manifesto at Jinja City conference hall on Saturday. The event was presided over by NRM’s second national vice-chairperson who is also the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga.

They told Kadaga that the recent NRM party primaries left them financially constrained which has made it hard for them to battle their opposition rivals, most of whom are using money to win over voters.

Brenda Namukuta, the Kaliro district Woman parliamentary candidate, said the National Unity Platform (NUP) candidates have adopted the door to door campaign, which has demoralized NRM mobilisers due to lack of funds.

 According to Namukuta, the tales of President, Yoweri Museveni’s achievements have been watered down by the opposition. 

Rachel Magoola, the Bugweri district NRM Woman parliamentary candidate, said the opposition members are using petty cash to manipulate the poorly facilitated NRM party structures into supporting their preferred candidates.

 Magoola stressed that NRM chairpersons at the village level are providing campaign platforms to opposition leaders at the expense of their party candidates due to lack of funds.

Robert Kanusu, the Jinja City NRM Mayoral candidate, wants the government to devise means of addressing the sugarcane question in the region as most opposition players are using the low sugarcane prices to de-campaign them.

Kanusu argues that, on top of the low cane prices, most farmers have been denied permits to sell their sugarcane to the surrounding factories, which has left them in the web of debts as they cannot earn from their agricultural investments.

Their cries come a day the NRM candidate for the Kitgum Woman parliamentary seat, Lillian Aber warned in a tweet that NRM’s dependency on money-minded mobilisers is likely to cost it at next year’s general elections.

However, Kadaga, said the government is committed to fulfilling all its pledges within the region and asked the mobilizers not to give up on rallying support for Museveni.    


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