Witchdoctor found exhuming grave, killed


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An angry mob in Jinja district has lynched a witch doctor while exhuming a grave.

Hassan Bakaki, 55, met his death on Wednesday while exhuming the grave of the late Domu Tidamulala, whose remains were buried in Kasozi village in Busedde sub-county in 2004.

According to information obtained by our reporter, Bakaki was in the company of two other people who were helping him to perform the rituals but they managed to get away from the scene of the crime.

Residents say Bakaki is a renowned witch doctor from Luuka district, who was practicing rituals in Busedde sub-county and the neighboring areas, but they were surprised to see him exhuming the dead.

Solomon Musiibe, the caretaker of the graveyard, says that people dashed to his home and informed him how witch doctors were digging up one of the graves.

According to Musiibe, the residents became unruly, turned chaotic, and lynched the suspect before notifying local authorities.

Kiira Region police spokesperson, James Mubi said that they took the deceased’s body to Busedde health center IV mortuary.

He said a team of detectives have been dispatched to the scene of the crime, which advised the deceased’s family members to rebury the exhumed remains.


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