Woman Arrested for 'Hiring out' Underage Daughter to Sex Trade

A woman who allegedly forced her 14-year-old daughter into prostitution has been arrested. The woman identified as Zura Mukamana, 36, was arrested by Katwe Police Station after reports that she hired out the girl to two different men in exchange for money.

Kampala Metropolitan Deputy Police Spokesman Luke Owoyesigyire says that the men who had sex with the minor have also been arrested. Police identified one of the male suspects as Fred Bulega, 41 and the other as John Mwesigye,18.

Mukamana’s arrest followed a viral video received by Police, in which the 14-year-old girl claimed that she was being forced by her mother to have sexual intercourse with men.

Before the viral video, Mukamana had reported a case of a missing child at Salama, and police started investigations into the matter. But during investigations, police found the girl at her father’s home where she had run for refuge.

Visibly charged by the girl’s revelation, her father took her girl to police which commenced investigations that led to the arrest of an 18-year-old John Mwesigye.

Police said both case files with a range of offences will be submitted to the Director of Public Prosecution for perusal and sanctioning as soon as investigations are done.

In the meantime, Police are looking for psychology or counselling experts to provide counselling to the girl, while the mother is held at Katwe Police Station.

Katwe is known as a crime hub in Kampala wit more than 800 defilement cases registered in the area in 2019. During the year, police recorded 13,000 defilement cases across the country, a reduction compared to 15,000 sexual offences against minors in 2018.


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