Woman kills own son over food

Police in Busoga East on Thursday arrested 29-year-old Eseza Nabirye, for killing her seven-year-old son, Ivan Makuube.

 Nabirye illegally executed the boy at  Walugogo village in Imanyiro sub-county of in Mayuge district.

It is reported that Nabirye prepared a posho meal on Wednesday afternoon, but on returning home, she found that Makuube had eaten the remaining food without first seeking her consent.

Nabirye beat up Makuube unsparingly until he was dead, and she wrapped his lifeless body in clean bedsheets and stored it under her bed.

Makuube’s four-year-old brother, whose name has been withheld alerted the neighbor over what had transpired in the night.

A team of local leaders led by the area L.C.1 chairperson, Hamza Zirabamuzale, inspected the house and notified police authorities after seeing Makuube’s lifeless body.

Nabirye fled into hiding in Magada trading center within Mayuge district, where police have arrested her this Thursday morning.

Zirabamuzale stresses that such acts of excessive violence against children are being triggered by the high poverty and unemployment levels within the area.

Zirabamuzale adds that several people within the area are struggling to fend for their families and due to such frustrations, some of them have resorted to violence against both their children and spouses alike.

Meanwhile, the Mayuge district police commander, Bashir Siriba says that Nabirye is being detained at Mayuge central police station, awaiting prosecution.

He adds that, the deceased has been taken to Mayuge health IV mortuary awaiting postmortem.


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