Woman, Son arrested over Masaka Killings


The police in Sembabule have arrested two people suspected to be members of an organised gang that has been terrorising residents in the district for two months. 

The suspects, Herman Mande Ssempungu and his mother Christine Namutebi who both reside in Katimba B village, of Mateete sub-county, were arrested last night.

Assailants attacked Kamada Lukyamuzi’s home last night but their mission was unsuccessful after the family members raised an alarm.   Lukyamuzi called the local authorities who notified the police which also responded in time.   

The suspects left a trail of footmarks which the sniffer dog followed leading the detectives to Ssempungu’s home where he was staying with his mother.   

 The officers called out the occupants for questioning but they resisted for over twenty minutes.  

It was not an easy operation as Ssempungu lashed out at the detectives with a panga in an attempt to cut them. 

  He was then joined by his mother Namutebi who picked a brick and hit Godfrey Musimani, the Officer-in-Charge of Mateete Police Station on the chest. 

  The officers called for reinforcements from Sembabule police station. They fired teargas and live bullets to subdue the wild suspects.   

According to Andrew Akanyijuka, the Acting Sembabule District Police Commander, they have the suspects in custody adding that they are helping police in the ongoing investigations.   

Musimani was taken to Mateete Health Centre III for medical attention.

  Joseph Ddamulira, the Katimba B Chairman, says that several anonymous letters were issued last week warning to kill different residents including Ddamulira himself, Kamada Lukyamuzi, Kikaawa, Mujabi, Mayombwe and others.  

He has appealed to residents to be vigilant to be able to fight crimes and further commended the police for responding promptly. 

 However, the suspects are denying the accusation saying they are innocent


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