Worker’s MPs bitter over delay to Pass NSSF Bill


Worker’s representatives in Parliament have expressed displeasure over delays to debate the National Social Security Amendment Bill 2021.

This comes a week after the Gender Committee of Parliament tabled its report on NSSF Amendment Bill 2021 where they approved mid-term access to savers aged 45 and above, who have saved for more than 10 years.

The Committee also decided to have the supervision of the funds under the Ministry of Gender instead of the proposed dual supervision with the Ministry of Finance.

After the presentation of the Bill, Deputy Speaker Among postponed the debate saying members should first read the report before the debate.

Although the matter appeared on the order paper for subsequent days, it never came up for debate until today, when it was listed as business to follow.

Agnes Kunihira, one of the five Workers Representatives in Parliament tasked Deputy Speaker Anita Among about the delay in debating an urgent bill, saying the workers are anxiously waiting.

But Deputy Speaker Anita Among said that the bill is so important that members need to debate it from an informed point of view.

She said the debate cannot proceed when members haven’t understood the proposals in it.


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